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Mastering the Creative Process: the Art of Make and Release

Through persistent action, we can transcend creative blocks and are able to actually produce work. But how do you gain consistent, long term control over your creative flow? How do you maintain your connection to creative source? How do you master the creative process, instead of being slave to it?

Jessica W. Noujeim
How to Transcend Resistance and Surrender to Creative Flow

One of my resistant habits is spending a lot of time on social media, particularly on Instagram. When I decided to make Instagram my main way of communicating an artistic message, I suddenly started resisting the very platform that I was using to act out my creative freedom. I had to actually find an answer: if resistance is a natural part of creative flow, what exactly is the magic trick that unlocks the door between resistance and release? How, exactly, does one surrender fully to creative energy? 

Jessica W. Noujeim