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The Simple Mantra That Instantly Improves My Day


Hi loves,

Today I want to share with you a very simple mantra, or affirmation, that has significantly changed my life. It has massively improved my ability to feel joyful, empowered, and optimistic in every situation.

This mantra came to me during a time when I was trying to allow abundance and goodness in my life, but kept feeling anxious about the day-to-day changes that appeared to be slow or not-happening at all.

I knew that things were unfolding behind the scenes – the Universe works in mysterious ways, as they say, and beauty takes time to bloom in nature... I opened myself up to Spirit, and asked for a tool to use during the times I felt like I was "waiting" or "stuck" or "not doing enough."

I was given a very simple sentence that came clearly into my mind like sun through the clouds...

...and I'm sharing it with you here, along with more motivation and inspiration for committing to the life that you really want.

It's all about trusting the timing

I realize that sometimes when you make change, make a commitment to change, or decide to view things in a different way, it takes time to really implement those changes, and even longer to "see" results. That's why so many of us get stopped up in our efforts to live more radiant and fulfilling lives; because we don't trust that our progress is leading somewhere.

This one sentence has the power to illuminate even the darkest times of despair, by providing a window of optimism which you can quickly use to view your day from a whole new perspective.

It goes like this:

"Everything is getting better every day."

Just like that. Say it with me: Everything is getting better every day.

Why this works for me

I am constantly working on improving myself, elevating my state of consciousness and thinking clearer, more loving, more joyful thoughts about every circumstance in my life.

I am also aware of my own patterns of obsessive overthinking, and the tendency to carry stress out of a subconscious distrust of life. 

If you can relate to that, I can tell you that this mantra will for sure make a difference for you. 

Why? It's vague enough (doesn't focus on a specific "issue") that your mind can easily find a way to make the mantra true.

And, it's time-aware enough (by stating "every day") that your mind can accept and acknowledge linear progress while your internal vibration reorients to trust that everything IS already exactly perfect in this moment, even if it feels like it's not – because, again, change takes time, and lasting change doesn't always appear in the external world right away. 

The fact of the matter is, progress and change happens in the mind. The outside circumstances of your life begin to shift when you control your perspective on them. And choosing the perspective of "everything is getting better every day" allows you to really consciously identify the aspects of your life where that's true – and provides wisdom and clarity to the aspects of your life where you've been allowing yourself to be internally victimized by the nature of external circumstances.

The magic of mantra

The first time the impact of "Everything is getting better every day" hit me, I was driving across the Granville Street bridge, thinking about nothing in particular, feeling stressed for no reason in particular, with this awareness of tension like a cloud around me.

I felt like I was in a state of waiting, of anxious anticipation, of confusion and almost panicked movement forward into the "next step" or "next phase" of my life – a mind-boggling cocktail of low vibration that sat like a dead hum between my ears.

Even though I didn't feel it right in that moment – because I didn't feel it right in that moment – I said to myself,

"Everything is getting better every day."

Nothing happened.

I said it again, and focused on feeling "Yes, that's true." I started to look for signs that it was true. I repeated, with more emphasis, "Everything IS getting better every day." 

Within a few seconds, I had taken a few deep breaths, and was able to remind myself of the progress I'd made on some projects that week (even though I'd been frustrated with "lack of completion"). I could feel the positive changes in my body from getting more exercise (even though I had been feeling sluggish for a while) – and I reflected on some powerful conversations I'd had with people in the past few days that suggested positive new opportunities coming my way.

So, little by little, I could say that things were getting better every day, even though I didn't have massive physical evidence. And in consciously shifting that thought pattern, my entire emotional state shifted, too. I relaxed, felt more open, and trusted myself to be present in every moment of that day, noticing more things that I liked, that made me feel good, and that were affirmative signs of the spiralling progress I was "struggling" to see.

You choose to see, and to create, your reality.

You choose to see, and to create, the circumstances of your life that influence your wellness and peace of mind.

You choose to see, and to create, opportunities for life to SHOW you the beauty and abundance that is available for you.

Learning to undo patterns of anxiety and mistrust can take some time, care, and love. Yoga and meditation of any kind are powerful accelerative practices to get you to a place of feeling in control of your mind.

Once in control of your mind, keep using mantras like this one to remind yourself of the way you have chosen to see, to create, and to be.

Remember, even when it doesn't seem like it, everything is getting better every day.

I love you,

Jessica Raven