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Reflections: On Storytelling

 Storytelling is deep and powerful work. It is a way of building bridges that has not gone out of date in style or architecture.

The gaps these bridges travel are the chasms of misunderstanding, and with our stories we can walk across and see the other side.


Beyond our stories lies our truth. The birth of our great words and works is begotten by a pregnant mind, one rich with ideas and steeped in the leaves from the original garden where Individual Mind was just a fruit on a tree.

Like many, we forget our origins. Trace our histories only as far as our bank statements or passports have carried us.

No, beyond that is the experience of Becoming, of coming into this world and being tasked with the challenge of describing who we are and how we fit into this indescribable conglomerate of realities, his and hers and mine and theirs as far back as we can see.


This humanness has a tongue that forgets its original language. The heart, beyond all space and time, is a source of that hidden treasure, the language of existence that feels like a pulse, quickening, deadening, alive, vibrant, the pulse of birthing and dying as atoms as dreamers as stars.


The heart-mind place where we find our voice is the unity of story that binds pulse to pulse, tying language to living in a bond like mother and child, and child to not-knowingness, which is the dark place of questioning from where all learning begins.


To answer the child, the story is told.


To the storyteller, the telling is the answer.


From the story, the child is born.


Everything is connected.

What bridges are you building?


Across space time, across heart mind, across the chasms of misunderstanding to where fertile soil for love and unity awaits your unique gardener's touch?

Provide the world with your story, your experience of living. Honour what you see with your depiction of the way it makes you feel; illustrate the pulse of your life with your words so that you may feel the hearts that beat along with yours, and in this way you will never feel alone, and you will experience life on a grander scale than you can ever imagine.


Tell your story.

It is also, in one way or another, mine.